Social Media, Applications Most enjoy doing

Social Media, Applications Most enjoy doing-Community needs to socialize with applications in the smart phone was very high. This is seen from a variety of reliable surveys that took place since 25 November 2011.

From 9937 the incoming sound, 3477 votes or 35 percent chose social media as the applications they use most frequently, is not surprising because the United customer Facebook largest in the world.

This fact is in accordance with the results of our poll carried out by calculation of instant and anonymous, its reality, this figure could have been will continue to grow.

Just fewer than the number of votes who choose social media, respondents admitted that their favored game applications for its smart phones, only 105 votes difference, the game application occupies the second position.

But these results differ with the United States, as reported MobileGov, America's favorite applications right now is tracking the weather.

Here, the game occupies a different position but with a high level of attachment. Smartphones help accommodate the needs of gamers, especially with technological developments that have been planted in her.

A reader played a good game in a state connected to the Internet or not, the contrast with the social media that requires its users to use an Internet connection or data plan.

The least selected category is navigation, Total 933 votes, or 9 percent (read: lowest) here again inversely proportional to the part of Americans who - according to Nielsen Wire - holds the third position of favorite applications that are used stiap day.

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