Relationships Dark Demi Moore and Ben Hollongsworth

Selasa, 29 November 2011

Relationships Dark Demi Moore and Ben Hollongsworth-Actor Ashton Kutcher Having caught cheating by his wife, actress Demi Moore. But now turn to circulate a new issue if Demi could also relate to other men during her marriage with Ashton. Really?

Hollongsworth is a young actor who got caught  had had a special relationship with Bruce Willis's ex-wife. 48-year-old actress met Ben Hollongsworth when he moved from Canada to Los Angeles. Ben Hollongsworth  is an actor who had many problems and Demi are responsible for helping him improve his career.

"They establish a friendship and developed rapidly into something more, Ben Hollongsworth  and his friends even invited to a party at home Demi moore(with Ashton). They are a lot of cigarette smoking. Demi Moore (who did not smoke) was not concerned about him, he and Ashton were acting like teenagers, "said a source tells Showbizspy, Friday (04/11/2011).

The source says, Demi also briefly give you a ride on Ben Hollongsworth after partying, they then have sex in the car,

"Ben Hollongsworth admit that Demi was enjoying their relationship at that time, however Ben closer to Ashton, he had his final stop in touch with Demi, she chose to become good friends with Ashton, Ben Hollongsworth also had felt had made a mistake," continued the source the same.

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Preparation Before Waxing doing

Preparation Before Waxing doing-Woman talks about waxing (plucking the body) is always interesting to talk about, but why always mention the pain of waxing ?,,,, Process, by pulling the feathers from the skin with the help of candles, there are many people assume that waxing process is always painful. Not all is wrong, but certainly kkeluar way to address and reduce it.
The right timeSelection of the right time can reduce the pain of waxing. Two-three days before and after menstruation, the skin changes are more sensitive so avoid waxing. Of course its also avoid waxing during menstruation because some parts of the body will become more sensitive.
Do not use moisturizerWhen you do the waxing, do not use moisturizer on the part of its feathers plucked. Damp skin will make the feathers attached and difficult revoked, its result, waxingmust be done repeatedly in the same area resulting in excessive pain and skin irritation. Keep the area that will be
used waxing in the dry state thus simplifying the process.

Skin DisordersAvoid waxing padatempat contained acne or injury. Wait until the acne, wounds, or other skin disorders completely healed before hair removal done, contacts between the sticky wax to the skin can be revoked at the time of making the wound or skin infections that already exist to get worse.
ScrubRubbing the skin with a scrub before waxing will help open the pores, the pores of the skin slightly open will help smooth the hair removal process.
Pain reducerMany women often take a mild pain medication 30-60 minutes before waxing.Its general this is done when plucking the sensitive area, I advise you to consult with health experts to ensure the painkillers that suits your body condition.

Special salonOne important thing that determines its sick or not you are waxing process is the therapist and the methods they use, some specialty salons waxing his biasan will offer a variety of methods that can reduce pain, If you are waxing for the first time, its as good as select salon professional and has been recommended, the most in the notice is cleanliness, Choose a place that does not use wax spreader sticks repeatedly because the risk of spreading germs among customers.
RelaxedIf all the above have you met, then the last thing you should do is try to relax, listening to music it might be a very good idea will distract you from the pain such as reading a magazine or browsing the Internet you can do, Take a deep breath in to make the body more relaxed, will make the waxing process runs smoothly

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"Inter Trabzonspor" Must be satisfied with a draw

Senin, 28 November 2011
"Inter Trabzonspor" Must be satisfied with a draw-Trabzonspor start the match by attacking. In the 2nd minute, merekahampir only able to break into the Inter goalkeeper Julio Cesar in manned. Long-range shot from outside the penalty box Celustka still soaring above the Inter goal.

Inter able to score his first pelunag harness and be able to find the net and goal Trabzonspor tercipata through cooperation with Diego Milito, Ricky Alvarez is able to enter the ball with his leg curry and unable to be stopped by goalkeeper Trabzonspor, Tolga Zengin.
Trabzonspor almost equalized in the 22nd minute. Unfortunately, Burak from the penalty kick was wide to the side. One minute later, Trabzonspor able to kick a field goal through Halil Altintop after getting feedback from Colman breakthrough, kick had hit one of the Altintop Inter player and his late entry into the goal.
The 37th minute, Inter almost get a second goal. Alanzinho hard kick can still be pushed to the left of goalkeeper Julio

Cesar.1-1 score lasted until halftime.
In the second half, controlling the game Trabzonspor. Burak back thrilling Inter's goal in the 63rd minute after receiving feedback from Serkan. But unfortunately, kick Burak still able to be driven by Julio Cesar.
Inter's first chance in the second half of this was obtained through Mauro Zarate. Milito breakthrough bait unable denagn utilized either by Zarate, as Trabzonspor lost quickly from the goalkeeper, Tolga.
Trabzonspor threatened again in the 72nd minute. Alanzinho sanagt thin hard kick over the crossbar Inter Milan.
Plagues nearly whack stronghold Inter Milan in the 80th minute. Celustka able to cross headed by Mierzejewski but his header hit the crossbar still.
Inter was unable to do more in the second half and both teams should be satisfied with a draw 1-1.
The composition of players: Trabzonspor: Tolga Zengin; Celustka, Giray, Glowacki, Cech; Serkan (Mierzejewski 64 '), Zokora, Colman, Alanzinho (Paulo Henrique 85'); halite Altintop, Burak Ylmaz.
Inter: Julio Cesar; Nagatomo, Lucio, Samuel, Chivu; Zanetti, Alvarez, Cambiasso; Stankovic; Zarate (Coutinho 69 '), Milito (Pazzini 86').

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Football Manager Wales Suicide

Minggu, 27 November 2011
Football Manager Wales Suicide-.Football Aosiasi Wales(FAW) announced that Gary Speed ​​which, has been found dead at his home, on Sunday.
FAW informed the BBC that Gary Speed ​​was killed by suicide at the age of 42.
FAW yesterday gave a statement on a website the content of its confirmation of the news by saying, "Wales Football Association sadly announces the death of the national team manager Gary Speed.
"We convey our sympathy and condolences to the family. We ask everyone to respect the family's privacy during this very grieved.
Cheshire Police also gave a statement. "At 7:08 (7:08 GMT) today, Police Cheshire Police received information in an address suicide in Huntington, Chester.
"Officers go to the location where a 42-year-old man was found dead. The family was told already and had to make sure that the man's identity is Gary Speed."
Gary Speed ​​has 85 caps for Wales and became league champions England with Leeds United, the Wales national.

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Ducati Motor Bestselling Being in America

Ducati Motor Bestselling Being in America-United States became a very promising market for the motorcycle market large-capacity machines. That's what makes Ducati ranks first as the best-selling motorcycle in this land of Uncle Sam.
"We sell more motorcycles in the United States compared with our domestic market. Only 20 percent of our products are sold in the domestic market, with the remaining sales occurred outside of Italy," said Gabriele Del Torchio as the president of Ducati Motor Holding during a visit to the Ducati dealer in Miami Beach, United States, as reported motorcycle, Friday, September 23, 2011.

Del Torchio explained in the last four years, there was a surge in sales two-fold, in which Ducati succeeded in increasing its sales from 4.8 percent to 10.6 percent.
According to her, triggering her sales figures are rising, due to his joining Nicky Hayden to Ducati in MotoGP factory team two years ago. Its great in America, Ducati became the second most recognizable brand after Apple.

"This year is very positive for us. Despite the fact the worldwide market fell 4.3 percent, but our income is the end of August and up 18.6 percent," he said.

This year Ducati will also build its new plant in Thailand, which will be followed by building a similar plant in the country of Brazil.

"I believe that the end of this year we can reach 42.000 units sold. Obviously will be our highest sales record and will be even higher than ever inscribed records in 2008," said Del Torchio to end the conversation

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Award Against the Kurds "Daniel Mitterrand"

Sabtu, 26 November 2011
Award Against the Kurds "Daniel Mitterrand"-I remembered the day was the week when the Statue of Daniel Mitterrand inaugurated in the town of Halabja in which was attended by the former parliament and citizens of Iraq.

    "The award is well worth it given to Daniel Mitterrand, he is a brave woman and one of the fighters and supporters of Kurds in the past" the vice mayor of Halabja Kwestan Akram said.
Daniel Mitterrand project of making this sculpture was funded by former parliament iraq: Talabani Alla, Muhammad Rabi'a, Parwin Salih, Muhammad Sozan, Tnia Tal'at, and Leila Mohammed.

Statue maker Daniel Mitterrand was a Kurd named Mohammed Hamdi.

    Daniel Mitterrand was born in 1924 until he was nephew to Francois Mitterand, he still defended the high values ​​of the republic and the French revolution, and Daniel Mitterrand has been credited for having raised the issue of Kurds in several conferences.
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Twitter Yogscast in baned, here's his response

Twitter Yogscast in baned, here's his response, after twitter yogscast in baned without a clear reason, yesterday the member yogsacst explanation of these terms, please see the video below…this was posted on reddit instead of our forums because they've been DDOS'ed into the ground :(● Yogscast Gear:● Facebook:● Twitter:● Forums:● Podcast:
Boston Market Thanksgiving -On Thanks giving day is incomplete if we do not get together with family and people that we love it,the party must be more complete with delicious cuisine, but it's for a good cook, keep what's the solution for me is not a good cook? Heheheheh ... .. I was lucky to live close to Boston Market.
I am no longer worried about his complicated cooking because it has been overcome by the Boston Market Thanksgiving, Do you like this ?,,,, I want to party but not a good cook, his fate was already like this.

If you are not a good cook, but want good food on that day the Boston Market Thanksgiving you can count on to overcome this

George Michael pneumonia, Concert Canceled

Jumat, 25 November 2011
George Michael pneumonia, Concert Canceled-Singer George Michael was forced to cancel several concerts due to pneumonia.
The 48-year-old singer was treated at a hospital in Vienna, Austria, and had to cancel concerts in Strasbourg, France.
She also canceled concerts also in Cardiff, Wales who planned to take place this week, as written
Here An official statement on its website: "It is with great regret, George Michael was forced to postpone the concert on 26 and 27 November in Cardiff, Wales, because of his illness. George was forced to postpone tour dates in Vienna and Strasbourg on the orders of the doctor after being diagnosed pneumonia. He is currently undergoing of treatment. "
Michael will stay in Vienna until he was fully recovered.

so first article on "George Michael pneumonia, Concert Canceled" I hope he quickly recovered and the bus entertain us again

Michelle Obama Booed Nascar

Kamis, 24 November 2011
Obama Booed Nascar-Yesterday, his right-event NASCAR season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Sunday.
Michelle Obama and Jill Biden
booed NASCAR
The appearance was part of an action to honors military soldiers and families. They first lady and vice president’s wife also offered as grand marshals for the big race.

At the start of the race, an announcer presented the two women, who were met with a deafening combination of both cheers and boos.

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy , The Freedom of Art

Aliaa  Magda Elmahdy , The Freedom of Art-Special world of its current American student in appalling by Egypt on behalf of freedom in art. Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, or Elmahdy is one of the students of faculty of art which I think boosted religion in the name of art. Through his personal blog "Memories of a Revolutionary" he also has the tagline "fan ary" which means the art of naked, pretty brave if you ask me, but not the least of which his sneering or even supports it.
During this time he regarded the freedom created when there is no veil, and life is where he feels satisfied when he is really feeling the freedom of art. Hmm funtastis and boombastis!!  Aliaa  Magda Elmahdy own blog has been viewed hundreds of thousands of people per day. This news is phenomenal especially among the Muslim population in the world.
  Here I do not want to discuss about  Aliaa  Magda Elmahdy profile, after I studied the words of Aliaa Elmahdy Magda 'echoing the cry against society full of cruelty, racism, seksualis, sexual harasser and hypocritical'.
This is a setback of art, which exhibits and sells all that has been in anugerahka God to us. Rules of any religion to my knowledge there is no binding, nothing incriminating, and never tainted by an immoral act in the name of "artistic freedom".

For me it's very expensive art, art is hidden, and when art was not hidden berate it was not worth anymore

I hope the article on "Aliaa  Magda Elmahdy , The Freedom of Art" can be a pointer where the understanding of art as it is true

"Israel-Iran Attack" Will Happen Soon

Israel-Iran Attack -Israel will conduct military action to prevent Iranian nuclear weapons as soon as possible meproduksi at Christmas, said a leader of British intelligence told the Daily Mail, Wednesday (11/09/2011).
Israel-Iran attack occurs due to its report published in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a UN watchdog for nuclear affairs, related to Iran's nuclear ambitions "completely discredited" Islamic state, according to British Foreign Secretary William Hague. And all this time Iran insists that its nuclear development for peaceful purposes only.

     IAEA explained openly before the Board of Governors of the IAEA in Vienna, Austria, on Wednesday, said the agency found that Iran is increasing its nuclear testing facilities, nuclear detonators, and computer modeling for a nuclear warhead that will be installed in an existing missile. this triggers the Israel-Iran Attack
Various sources in the British Government, as reported by the Daily Mail, said, understanding that to understand a number of top British officials is that Israel will carry out attacks on Iran's nuclear sites "more quickly than scheduled". Israel-Iran Attack will receive logistical support from the United States (U.S.).

       A senior British Foreign Office said the ministers had been told about the plan of Israel's military action. He added, "We estimate secepatn yes it happens at Christmas or at the beginning of the new year."
The officials believe U.S. President Barack Obama will support Israel-Iran Attack
or he risks losing vital support in the Jewish-American presidential election next year

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