Preparation Before Waxing doing

Preparation Before Waxing doing-Woman talks about waxing (plucking the body) is always interesting to talk about, but why always mention the pain of waxing ?,,,, Process, by pulling the feathers from the skin with the help of candles, there are many people assume that waxing process is always painful. Not all is wrong, but certainly kkeluar way to address and reduce it.
The right timeSelection of the right time can reduce the pain of waxing. Two-three days before and after menstruation, the skin changes are more sensitive so avoid waxing. Of course its also avoid waxing during menstruation because some parts of the body will become more sensitive.
Do not use moisturizerWhen you do the waxing, do not use moisturizer on the part of its feathers plucked. Damp skin will make the feathers attached and difficult revoked, its result, waxingmust be done repeatedly in the same area resulting in excessive pain and skin irritation. Keep the area that will be
used waxing in the dry state thus simplifying the process.

Skin DisordersAvoid waxing padatempat contained acne or injury. Wait until the acne, wounds, or other skin disorders completely healed before hair removal done, contacts between the sticky wax to the skin can be revoked at the time of making the wound or skin infections that already exist to get worse.
ScrubRubbing the skin with a scrub before waxing will help open the pores, the pores of the skin slightly open will help smooth the hair removal process.
Pain reducerMany women often take a mild pain medication 30-60 minutes before waxing.Its general this is done when plucking the sensitive area, I advise you to consult with health experts to ensure the painkillers that suits your body condition.

Special salonOne important thing that determines its sick or not you are waxing process is the therapist and the methods they use, some specialty salons waxing his biasan will offer a variety of methods that can reduce pain, If you are waxing for the first time, its as good as select salon professional and has been recommended, the most in the notice is cleanliness, Choose a place that does not use wax spreader sticks repeatedly because the risk of spreading germs among customers.
RelaxedIf all the above have you met, then the last thing you should do is try to relax, listening to music it might be a very good idea will distract you from the pain such as reading a magazine or browsing the Internet you can do, Take a deep breath in to make the body more relaxed, will make the waxing process runs smoothly

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