Award Against the Kurds "Daniel Mitterrand"

Award Against the Kurds "Daniel Mitterrand"-I remembered the day was the week when the Statue of Daniel Mitterrand inaugurated in the town of Halabja in which was attended by the former parliament and citizens of Iraq.

    "The award is well worth it given to Daniel Mitterrand, he is a brave woman and one of the fighters and supporters of Kurds in the past" the vice mayor of Halabja Kwestan Akram said.
Daniel Mitterrand project of making this sculpture was funded by former parliament iraq: Talabani Alla, Muhammad Rabi'a, Parwin Salih, Muhammad Sozan, Tnia Tal'at, and Leila Mohammed.

Statue maker Daniel Mitterrand was a Kurd named Mohammed Hamdi.

    Daniel Mitterrand was born in 1924 until he was nephew to Francois Mitterand, he still defended the high values ​​of the republic and the French revolution, and Daniel Mitterrand has been credited for having raised the issue of Kurds in several conferences.
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