Unique: Home Reversed (under roof)

Unique: Home Reversed (under roof)-Can you imagine if your house upside down? The house was already created, known as "the house upside down" (The Upside Down House) was located in a small village in Szymbark. "This house inspired me about the communist era and the end of time," explained the reasons Czapiewski construction of houses which took 114 days.

"It's a challenge for us," said Gerhard Mordhorst, a carpenter who worked on the house. "The bathroom is the room the most complicated because many items are large," he added.

The whole furniture in all rooms, ranging from living room to the bathroom, even as high as 7 meters is located upside down, That's why this house is not for habitation.

There are still many unique homes all over the world, among them the crooked house in Suweon, South Korea, shoe-shaped house in South Africa, and a house floating in Ukraina,please in wait more info from our

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