"Pizza", Password As a Member of the CIA

"Pizza", Password As a Member of the CIA-The CIA has lost a lot of spies in Iran and Lebanon, it was revealed former officials in the United States is not mentioned ya plants told ABC News and The Associated Press that the CIA, ABC reported that according to U.S. officials, the CIA used the password 'Pizza' with the his eyes when they met.

Other former officials said, naming the pass code was taken from the habit of a CIA agent in Lebanon met in some of the local branch of Pizza Hut in Beirut, which helps identify Hezbollah spy who helped the CIA.
U.S. officials have denied allegations that their agents to arrange a meeting at Pizza Hut, ABC revealed
In recent months, CIA officials had secretly
trying to protect their eyes remaining, foreign assets or agents working for the agency before Hezbollah may know their whereabouts.

"Agents were captured or killed is a common thing, but damage to the CIA spy network in Lebanon have been larger than usual," said several former U.S. officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about security issues in the media .

Lebanon event is 'an accident' latest involving CIA agents, the most recent was a suicide bomber disguised as an informant and killed seven CIA employees and wounding six others was in Khost, Afghanistan in December 2009.
Last year, the SSAT's Leon Panetta served as CIA director said the agency was to be more alert to what he called a 'counter-intelligence operations'. Eight months later, Nasrallah let the world know he had defeated the CIA, suggesting that these institutions are still struggling with the critical aspects of spying and sending messages to people cheating to Hezbollah.

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