His beautiful SWISS Underground Tour

Its definitely you know if Switzerland is famous for its production at a durable and long lasting, also a typical chocolate, and place an exotic ski workout, but do you know the beauty of which are owned by small countries that do not have this army? There a cave that is extraordinary and beautiful in Switzerland.  

cave is located at Interlaken Ost (East Interlaken), Switzerland, was named St.Beatus-Hohlen cave, Name St. Beatus in inspired from the name of a religious leader who came from Ireland. That said, According to the myth that developed in the Swiss society, St. Beatus lived around the year 20 BC, he studied religion and attended school in Rome, was then ordered to serve in Interlaken, Switzerland. There he spread Christianity.  
But in his wanderings to Interlaken, it was St. Beatus in the mouth of a cave guarded by a dragon, then he fought with the dragon, in his battle with the dragon, St. Beatus his final win and stay in the cave until the end of his life.  

Today, at the mouth of the cave in Make a statue of a dragon-shaped, in honor of St. Beatus services. Inside the cave there are a variety of stalagmites and stalactites created by the deposition of drops of water containing lime and various other minerals, its formation process usually happens over millions of years.  
St. Beatus cave was opened to tourism since 1904, as it is situated in the basement, decorative lights his torch further adds exoticism of this cave, Plus the flow of the river that makes the atmosphere more romantic and mystical course.  

Well, so, do not forget to visit the cave if you happened to be traveling to Switzerland, do not be afraid if you are confused to find the inn or hotel, around the cave tersebuat already provided many, survived having fun.

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