Mother Dies, Saves Kids At her from Fire

Nia Rahmatullailiyah new age of two months, however, left the harsh reality he must swallow his mother, Iva Kurniawati (25) for her forever.
Nia is a baby who survived the fire in Lontar Road 60, Tuesday (15/11/2011) then. At that time, Nia cuddled her biological mother, Iva Kurniawati and his grandmother, Uripah in the bathroom until the fire stops burning. Some time after the fire goes out, his khir died.
Sulimah, a woman who is currently treating Nia Iva reveal weak condition prior to this fire. Even Iva also experienced shortness of breath. "The time in hospital he (Iva) does not throw up," he said.
What happened to Nia, apparently different from what happened with Hadi Kurniawan (26), his father. Now, Hadi looks like people are confused. Kurniawan eyes hollow and often look downward. "I do not know, I've forgotten what happened yesterday," said Hadi Kurniawan quietly.
Meanwhile, sister Kurniawan, Akhmad Choirudin mengunkapkan by fire that all goods and sold his clothes on fire. Iva and even photos of her family, also not found. "Everyone is exhausted. I do not know if the camera phone my brother there, "said Akhmad.
Even so a sense of sadness student class II Installation of Electric Power, CMS II, Surabaya was a little amused. Representatives from the school came to visit nya.Mereka Choirudin give Choirudin clothes and school purposes.
Separately, Kapolsek Lakasantri Kompol Kuncoro explained up to now only four residents who had inspected the fire-related. Meanwhile, witnesses from the victim has not been examined. "They are still in a state of mourning," said Kuncoro in Mapolsek Lakasantri.

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