Relationships Dark Demi Moore and Ben Hollongsworth

Relationships Dark Demi Moore and Ben Hollongsworth-Actor Ashton Kutcher Having caught cheating by his wife, actress Demi Moore. But now turn to circulate a new issue if Demi could also relate to other men during her marriage with Ashton. Really?

Hollongsworth is a young actor who got caught  had had a special relationship with Bruce Willis's ex-wife. 48-year-old actress met Ben Hollongsworth when he moved from Canada to Los Angeles. Ben Hollongsworth  is an actor who had many problems and Demi are responsible for helping him improve his career.

"They establish a friendship and developed rapidly into something more, Ben Hollongsworth  and his friends even invited to a party at home Demi moore(with Ashton). They are a lot of cigarette smoking. Demi Moore (who did not smoke) was not concerned about him, he and Ashton were acting like teenagers, "said a source tells Showbizspy, Friday (04/11/2011).

The source says, Demi also briefly give you a ride on Ben Hollongsworth after partying, they then have sex in the car,

"Ben Hollongsworth admit that Demi was enjoying their relationship at that time, however Ben closer to Ashton, he had his final stop in touch with Demi, she chose to become good friends with Ashton, Ben Hollongsworth also had felt had made a mistake," continued the source the same.

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