"Iran Will Attack U.S. Base in Germany"

"Iran Will Attack U.S. Base in Germany"-That news and the latest blow in fear german so if America attacks Iran, this is in accordance with the German newspaper Bild, the German Federal Police believe, if there is the threat of military attack to Iran, Persia would have launched attacks on U.S. military bases in Germany to destroy logistics distribution system. Similarly, as reported by The Local on Thursday (1/12/2011).

German Federal Police reported've done investgasi against a German businessman who is suspected to be party to make contact with the Iranian Embassy in Berlin, On Wednesday, the Germans had pulled its ambassador in Iran since arriving in any attack against the British Embassy yesterday.

Until now, Iran's relations with Western countries are not in harmony to be seen again because of a report from the International Atomic Agency (IAEA) which states, Iran is building an atomic bomb of its nuclear program, it's fair right? Country in a state threatened with another State should make the defensemore.
Until now there has been no response from either Iran or the Government of Germany regarding the report "Iran Will Attack U.S. Base in Germany", Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has not even issued its comments on the British embassy assault case that occurred on Tuesday.

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