Solid Oxford By Christmas Day

Solid Oxford By Christmas Day-In addition to its famous university, Oxford was also the busiest shopping areas in Britain, especially when approaching day of Christmas, street famous for its architect building was closed due to fear of the number of buyers are booming along the way.

Media reported, Saturday (3 / 12), Westminster City Council concerned about the crowd of Christmas shoppers gear along the way, the local government will apply the rules to close the road in central London that runs from Oxford Circus to Portman Street.

The closure was forced on the narrow sidewalks because they apply a result many of its vehicles will make pedestrians feel disturbed, the Way will be opened after the Christmas surge in buyer's equipment began to slow around 20.00 local time.

A spokesman for Westminster City Council said the closure was likely to apply again at its next weekend. "Our main
concern is to ensure the safety of pedestrians over the weekend is busy with Christmas shopping on Oxford Street," said his

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