Jin Shin Jyutsu, cure disease with a touch

Jin Shin Jyutsu, cure disease with a touch-Jin Shin Jyutsu yore is the only hereditary art in Japan, but now it turns out Jin Shin Jyutsu can also be used as a method of treatment and healing, you are definitely curious about this one method, then I'm going to make you here.

Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) if you translate to mean self-healing with the help of the creator, as the JSJ its basic technique is to touch 26 points in the body called SEL (Safety Energy Lock), which serves to restore the body's overall harmony.

At its core our body is like a house complete with electricity and its switch, if one switch in the house down, then one part of the house will be dark, to 26 cells (dots) are like a switch so if the cells are not functioning, then Jin Shin Jyutsu techniques will be able to restore it.

Jin Shin Jyutsuini method has been proven to cure various diseases, among others: patients who had a stroke, depression, also of cancer, but this is just a method of therapy can not replace medical treatment from a doctor.

Jin Shin Jyutsu How it works is different from the way medical work, the example is the cancer, medicines from the doctor would erode the cancer, but Jin Shin Jyutsu will clean it up to the root of cancer will be completely dead and its cells would not be able to alive again, if you ask me this method is more precise in complementary medical call, not a replacement.

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