Alec Baldwin at the Kick of Flight

Alec Baldwin at the Kick of Flight-Do you think that celebrities should so carelessly ?,,,, But it was not 'just happen' to actor Alec Baldwin, his article an American Airlines flight attendant airline that Alec Baldwin has just kicked off the plane!

Once expelled from the aircraft to make the actor's full of anger, because, the reason for his expulsion itself is considered very unreasonable, simply because he was busy playing Words With Friends (games like Scrabble) with one of his friends through the iPad, even it was done before the aircraft takeoff.
"American stewardess (airlines) threw me out just because I'm playing WORDS WITH FRIENDS while we are still not moving, no wonder that many American airlines that go bankrupt," said Baldwin through his Twitter account private.

Although the end of his 53-year-old actor was able to get on a plane following him, Baldwin vowed that would not Use will be the last time he used the American Airlines for travel.
"Last Flight with American. Thus if a retired Catholic school gym teacher in the 50s working as a flight attendant," he said.

Unfortunately, the recognition Alec Baldwin did not correspond with what is disclosed to an eyewitness. Grant Cardone stated in the New York Daily Post, "I was asked why he (Alec) was expelled from the plane, and he said because of unpleasant treatment at the stewardess. You can not just do it now, no matter who you are, you will not be arbitrarily

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