TWILIGHT PREMIERE:Robert Pattinson Disagreeable couples?

Handsome actor who is popular with Twilight role as Edward is proved to have a unique story of adolescence. Robert Pattinson claimed to have hostile to schedule a date because they leak out.

Reporting from Contactmusic, the incident happened when he was 12 years. At that time he and a friend of his school have been agreed to date. However, because tomorrow it suddenly excited because the plan was known to many people, the dates were canceled and Robert refused to speak to her again.

   "I never thought to show everything about myself at all. While still in school, I remember taking someone for a date. At that time I was still 12 years old, and the following day everyone was asking me if I would go out with a girl . At that time I immediately thought of not going to talk to her again because the problem would be more complicated, "said Robert.
     According to the actor who is currently in a relationship with Kristen Stewart are, the more people know about our personal lives, the more problems arise. Therefore, it is important for her to maintain privacy for the sake of his brilliant career.
       "Most of the actors trying to get attention as much because they think it will sustain a career. But I do not think so. More and more part of you that came to light, then people will think less and less attractive. If you want mystery in you last a long time, then hide , "he said.
      Hmmmm .. mystery,,, maybe that is why the veiled woman is always interesting to follow

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