"Israel-Iran Attack" Will Happen Soon

Israel-Iran Attack -Israel will conduct military action to prevent Iranian nuclear weapons as soon as possible meproduksi at Christmas, said a leader of British intelligence told the Daily Mail, Wednesday (11/09/2011).
Israel-Iran attack occurs due to its report published in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a UN watchdog for nuclear affairs, related to Iran's nuclear ambitions "completely discredited" Islamic state, according to British Foreign Secretary William Hague. And all this time Iran insists that its nuclear development for peaceful purposes only.

     IAEA explained openly before the Board of Governors of the IAEA in Vienna, Austria, on Wednesday, said the agency found that Iran is increasing its nuclear testing facilities, nuclear detonators, and computer modeling for a nuclear warhead that will be installed in an existing missile. this triggers the Israel-Iran Attack
Various sources in the British Government, as reported by the Daily Mail, said, understanding that to understand a number of top British officials is that Israel will carry out attacks on Iran's nuclear sites "more quickly than scheduled". Israel-Iran Attack will receive logistical support from the United States (U.S.).

       A senior British Foreign Office said the ministers had been told about the plan of Israel's military action. He added, "We estimate secepatn yes it happens at Christmas or at the beginning of the new year."
The officials believe U.S. President Barack Obama will support Israel-Iran Attack
or he risks losing vital support in the Jewish-American presidential election next year

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