The Insider:Mariah Yeater interview

Mariah Yeater has shown up on news magazine The Insider where she is once again adamant that Justin Bieber is the father of her child, this after she created the same claim against another male just months previously.
In her interview Yeater says she has proof that Bieber infused her in October 2010 during a 30-second sexual encounter after one of Bieber’s performances at the Los Angeles Staples Center. In her interview Yeater stated:
       “I have provided evidence to my attorneys and it will show in court to prove that my allegations are true. He immediately took a liking to me. We got to talking…and then…he asked me would you mind if we could go somewhere and be alone? He went from cute and gushy to more aggressive.”

Mariah Yeater has also exposed that she hasemployed former White House attorney Jeffrey Leving to signify her in the paternity lawsuit she filed against Bieber. Leving  is anotable Fathers’ Rights expert and President of the Illinois Council on Accountable Fatherhood.
Bieber has a high-profile lawyer of his own on his side in Matthew Hiltzik.
Bieber is still adamantly doubt Yeater’s allegations while calling them “crazy.”
In the meantime Justin Beiber’s authorities has set up a DNA test for later on this month well ahead of what would likely have turn out to be a court mandated test. Bieber’s reps plan to file a defamation of character personal injury suit  the moment the DNA test comes back negative
Here’s Mariah Yeater’s interview from The Insider:

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