470 dollars to meet Katy Perry

470 dollars to meet Katy Perry-Meet Katy Perry, it is a dream for all his fans, if you include fans who want to meet exclusively with her​​? Then prepare the first fund of $ 470, then you will get an opportunity to directly meet and greet with the singer of the single 'Last Friday Night' this.

Hehehehh wait, news just above turns a cheap hoax aka false report circulated in mediamasa, singer, which plans to concerts in Indonesia this coming January 19, 2012, does not have a specific agenda of the promoter to meet immediate or known as the meet and greet.

Ismaya Live as the party that will bring Katy Perry to Indonesia has been a member for clarification directly on the news hoax, Through his Twitter account, @ IsmayaLive, promoter denied the rumors are not true.

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