Ways to Overcome Hair Tree

One problem that often affects women's hair is the hair fork, hair branching caused by oil produced by oil glands under the skin of the head is not up to the tip of the hair, causing hair drier, other causes for excessive use of hair dryers, hair coloring, and the use of the wrong shampoo.

We have found 6 Ways to Overcome Hair Tree please refer to:

Combing the hair before shampooing
This process will make the oil spread more evenly to the tip of the hair.

Choose a shampoo that matches your hair type
Know your hair type first before buying shampoo, Do not buy shampoo for oily hair if your hair turns dry.

Shampooing as needed
Shampooing too often will cause the moisture away from your hair, Wash between 2-5 days, but also adjust to the condition of the scalp and the activities you do.

Rinse hair with cold water
From now on try shampooing use cold water because warm water can not keep your skin moist.

Wear a wide-toothed comb
When your hair is still wet, eg just finished shampooing, do not use toothed comb meetings because it can make hair fall out, when drying my hair, do not rub the towel too harsh because it can cause your hair to break.

Trim your hair regularly
Take a tiny fraction of your time to do regular hair cuts, Keep in mind, do not use a razor because it can cause structural damage to the hair tip, cutting at his Perform 6-8 weeks.

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