Dog Flu solutions

Dog Flu Solutions-"Dog Flu" is a complicated disease in handled in America today, directly as possible 'Dog flu "is not harmful to humans, but do not forget ...!!!" Dog Flu "can be transmitted to humans, there are three things that must be answered immediately to resolve this problem.

1.       What are the symptoms of dog flu?
Identifying dog flu can be hard, Crawford said. That's because dog flu symptoms - a low fever, continual cough, runny smell, and just feeling blah - are the same as some other common breathing diseases. A test is required to confirm the diagnosis.
2.       How is dog flu treated?
Theraphy for dog flu is very comparable to that for people. Because antibiotics don't work on a virus, the usual recomendations is lots of rest and fluids. But antibiotics could be recomended for secondary infections, Dubovi said.
3.       Can dogs get swine flu?
Dubovi said there's no proof that dogs get swine flu, or the H1N1 virus. But some dogs have  hired avian flu, and some instances have been fatal, he said.
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