Ducati Motor Bestselling Being in America

Ducati Motor Bestselling Being in America-United States became a very promising market for the motorcycle market large-capacity machines. That's what makes Ducati ranks first as the best-selling motorcycle in this land of Uncle Sam.
"We sell more motorcycles in the United States compared with our domestic market. Only 20 percent of our products are sold in the domestic market, with the remaining sales occurred outside of Italy," said Gabriele Del Torchio as the president of Ducati Motor Holding during a visit to the Ducati dealer in Miami Beach, United States, as reported motorcycle, Friday, September 23, 2011.

Del Torchio explained in the last four years, there was a surge in sales two-fold, in which Ducati succeeded in increasing its sales from 4.8 percent to 10.6 percent.
According to her, triggering her sales figures are rising, due to his joining Nicky Hayden to Ducati in MotoGP factory team two years ago. Its great in America, Ducati became the second most recognizable brand after Apple.

"This year is very positive for us. Despite the fact the worldwide market fell 4.3 percent, but our income is the end of August and up 18.6 percent," he said.

This year Ducati will also build its new plant in Thailand, which will be followed by building a similar plant in the country of Brazil.

"I believe that the end of this year we can reach 42.000 units sold. Obviously will be our highest sales record and will be even higher than ever inscribed records in 2008," said Del Torchio to end the conversation

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