mystery Obama assassination

mystery Obama assassination-Authorities are now investigating the effort "Obama assassination" whether the assault rifle found in Washington DC on Friday related to the "Obama assassination"?.
"Specifically what he was aiming at, or not aiming at, is something That would be better addressed by interviewing him," U.S. Park Police spokesman Sgt. David Schlosse says, reports The Washington Post. "Otherwise, it's just Speculation."
That line shows the seriousness of the authorities in dealing with cases of "Obama assassination".
The most important part of investigation in the case of "Obama assassination" was shot in the Constitution iitu happened exactly between the White House and Washington DC.
A few days later Investigation Team "Obama assassination" find a car with a gun that still leaves bullets.
Investigation Team "Obama assassination" quickly to connect the car with Oscar Ramiro Ortega, a 21-year resident of Idaho they believe that the person is mentally ill.
Four days later investigation team "Obama assassination" revealed that the bullet entered the exterior windows in the house before it was stopped by the president of interior ballistic glass.
On Wednesday afternoon the authorities have formally arrested Ortega, and he is currently awaiting his trial itself
So first article on mytery "Obama assassination" and please continue to refer to his next article from our article

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