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Did you ever travel in Phuket? To time may now be a visit to Patong beach can be frustrating. Millions of tourists each year menyemut in two-kilometer stretch of sand that. This beach used to be beautiful once, but now the dirty, noisy endlessly, many jet ski up and down. "Splashes" of the sand dune buggy cars will add to the discomfort, not to mention if you're not careful, you can "hit" people who are doing the parasailing. Now the choice is on you, want to feel the comfort of sodium absorption ratio, or bask in comfort in some of the beaches of Phuket that not many people know.
Tri Trang beach
although the distance was only five minutes drive from Patong, tourists and Thai people are still little heard about this beach. Tri Trang beach you can take to rent a motorcycle or ride up into the hills at the southern end of Patong beach. Do not let your guard to notice small signs to Tri Trang. Long winding road will lead you to Paradise beach. When taking a third of the way, stop and see along the right side of the road. There are beautiful beaches of sand added to the ranks of palm trees. Almost no to gaduhan people. Stop by for a cup of coffee or a glass of pina colada in a few bars that exist. Tri Trang suitable for sunbathing but if you want to bathe in the sea, watch out for sharp rocks below air.this is very dangerous for sensitive skin.

Freedom beach

 In accordance with its name "fredoom" right to be free without air drying clothes, Most people arrive on a deserted beach and free use of boat waste. If you want to use the Freedom beach bikes, we're going through the path and one or two times a jump gate, making it easier if you spend a few hundred baht to rent a boat from Patong. When you're cycling, look at that very clear ocean water below. Waves on the beach including the Freedom 'benign', suitable for swimming. Snorkeling is good in the south. Lounge chairs and upscale restaurants are available, but we can also directly lying on the beach without getting out of money.
Laem Singh beachSo many people just pass this beach when they want out of Patong. In fact, the only down the cliffs, you'll enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. Laem Singh nicknamed "Secret Beach" - although more and more secrets fade as more people know. most tourists just lazing on a sunbed but the beach has crystal clear water, clean, complete with underwater life. The beach was divided by a large reef, you can walk or swim around it. Motorcycle parking near the trail and pay 20 baht. Alternatively, continue the trip by motorcycle to meet a suitable corner and parking is free.
Banana beach
Banana beach is near the west coast after the Bang Tao, and you should visit. Use the path to a luxury resort Trisara, from there you just drive a little to the north. Please park the car when you see a stretch of barbed wire. There is a steep path towards the beach. If a sunny day, at a distance will look banana-shaped rock in the distance. Sea water is crystal clear and its green hillsides you can enjoy anytime. Snorkeling is very convenient because of lack of boats and jet skis. This place is ideal for beach lovers relaxing.Kalim beach
The beach is not the most beautiful in Phuket, but Kalim has the advantage that can be visited on foot from Patong. The beach is also free from street vendors. Right at the north end of Patong beach sand there is not widespread and is protected by a rocky niche. These reefs as Kalim fortress that protects you from street vendors. There is a line of street vendors offering food at a small bridge at the back of Kalim. The roar of the vehicle sounds because this beach is located near the main street of Patong and Kamala beaches. But, the beach is still perfect for those who want to get wet on the beach without the crowds and the hubbub of visitors and without pollution sight of big umbrellas. Nai Thon beach
Nai Thon beach is broad and wide that we feel are in a large place and get some privacy. Even children can play freely. When the tide, there is still shallow waters to remain wet in the north end of the beach. Food prices 30-50% more expensive than elsewhere, so please bring a packed lunch or at least someYa Nui beach
Located between Cape Promthep long road to the beach and Kata. Ya Nui is actually two small beaches because the sand is separated by a reef which split into two parts. Many Thais are on vacation or fishing at this beach and there is also a restaurant for the foreign tourists with a fat wallet. Ya Nui look harmless, but we can be sucked current if not careful. There are many species of fish to enjoy the scenery, but be careful of sharp coral and sea creatures terintip (barnacles). Some sharp rocks visible at the main beach, so it's better to do first initial observations before going into the water.Sai Khao beach
This beach is actually just a continuation of Mai Khao beach. The beach is largely undeveloped, Fortunately there are several rest stops to the far north, so we could refuel and then continue the journey. Beware of water during the rainy season because the currents can be dangerous and there is no coast guard officers. If anyone in Sai Khao, you can see the mangrove area on the side of the bridge toward the mainland.

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