Beware ...!!! Want to undermine American sovereignty Homeland

United States (U.S.) will pay attention to the development crisis in Papua through the stationing of troops in Darwin and the southern region in 2012. It is recognized as an improvement in US-Australian military cooperation.

  Mahfudz Sidik, said Indonesia needs to be alert and take a stance for the sake of his authority and remained Indonesia's sovereignty. He hopes not to any other parties who intervene in the internal affairs of Indonesia, including the United States.
Mahfudz estimates, speculation U.S. square off in a situation of eastern Indonesia, especially Papua and security interests freeport, can occur. If Indonesia is considered no longer able to control the region, the outlook appears to foreign intervention.
Problem placement of U.S. Marines in Darwin, Marzuki rate, the move was not appropriate when intended to help the security of Papua. Problems of Papua, he said, is an internal problem that can still be dealt with the Indonesian side. In addition, he considers, the ASEAN region and Australia is relatively safe waters.
Even if there are criminal acts, should his, not to disturb the stability of a country. "The problem that often gets the attention of Australia is the traffic of illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and sea encroachment by traditional fishermen," he explained. Mahfudz states such crimes do not need to be addressed U.S..

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